Jay-J’s Restaurant

Jay-j’s Restaurant Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 1,450,000 Million
Initial Term : 5 years
Capital requirement : Php 6.5 – 7 Million
Royalty : 5%
Space required : 140sqm ideal


About Us:

The craving for Filipino food just really never stops. The deep longing for heavenly Chicken Inasal on a plate of garlic rice, along with its best buddies: soy sauce with sinamak, and chicken oil on rice. The desire for some savory Crispy Pata to be sent in your watery mouth, just longing for more. Jay-J’s Restaurant does nothing else but fulfill these fierce cravings. Jay-J’s serves only the best Filipino dishes from cities all over the country. It took owner Jay Mendoza several trips around the archipelago to have a taste of the best of what each region has to offer. But what sets Jay-J’s apart from other restaurants? The regional approach is Jay-J’s’ main highlights. Jay- J’s put up their first branch back in 2004 in Timog Avenue. Following its success, other branches were put up in and out of metro manila, along with Jay-J’s’ vision of expansion, and the inauguration of a dignifying mark, signifying the exquisiteness of our local dishes across other countries. This then led to Jay-J’s’ first few international branches: Dubai on 2015, and Abu Dhabi on 2016. Jay-J’s does not only offer mouthwatering, scrumptious, and tasteful meals, but it also brings friends & families together. Jay-J’s uses FOOD as an avenue to connect loved ones together — keeping them intertwined with one another, and as well as the luscious meals.

To provide affordable quality comfort Filipino food that integrates the best flavors of every region of the Philippines.

Jay-Js Inasal aims to be the Filipino restaurant of choice by introducing the greatness of Filipino food locally and internationally.

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