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On May 10, 1995, the Ramcar Group of Companies, one of the largest multinationals in the Philippines and the biggest battery manufacturer in Southeast Asia, acquired the master franchise of Mister Donut from the from Duskin Company, Ltd. Since then, Ramcar introduced an aggressive management policy and revitalized Mister Donut-Philippines in a bid to attain world class status. At present, Mister Donut-Philippines has over 2000 shops and outlets, including its innovative tie-ups with 7-Eleven, SM Cinemas, Petroleum Shops, and other partner institutional accounts. The shops are being catered to by 21 Mister Donut plants strategically located in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Mister Donut continuously brings in introductions of new variants at least every quarter. We have invested in product development to ensure that we come up not just with delicious donuts, but with varieties that will entice the changing moods of the market. We have adapted the taste into what we call, “tamang-tamang tamis” that suits the Filipino palate. Flavors that are close to the hearts of young and old alike. We are keen to study the market and cater to their needs, serving not just donuts, but a variety of baked goods and even quick meals and drinks.

Fresh Donuts
At Mister Donut, everyone can enjoy the taste and quality of our donuts, made and delivered fresh daily. We have a wide range of donut products that are sure to bring smiles to everyone. From our classic ring and filled donuts particularly our well-loved Bavarian donuts, our kiddie treat Smidgets, our big busog Twist and Swirls, and our Choco Cake donuts, to premium gift products such as Belgian Bites – every bite is guaranteed to delight and to surprise your taste buds. With the right mix of quality, value and innovation, every time you bring home a box of Mister Donut, you bring home our promise of “Ngiting Mister Donut”.

Baked Products
If you are craving for scrumptious, soft and fluffy alternatives to donuts, we have a wide variety of baked goods. Mister Donut’s baked product line ranges from loaves, sweet dough, cookies, muffins, cakes to savory buns made especially fresh to capture the flavor of real baked goodness. We have also introduced packed wafers and cookies done in the Mister Donut tradition of delicious goodness and accessible pricing.

Signature Drinks
The best way to enjoy our donuts and baked goods is with a cup or two of our signature hot beverages. Every cup of our world-famous brewed coffee is made from freshly-ground, trademark blend of beans to satisfy the taste of our coffee-loving customers. Chocolate enthusiasts will also be delighted by our own rich concoction of hot chocolate.

Light Meals
More than donuts, we also have an array of light meals to satisfy our customer’s snack cravings. One can enjoy our Classic Meattie Spaghetti, our bestseller Cheezy Meattie Spaghetti with a mound of cheddar cheese or try something different with the Baked Cheese Tomato Penne.
Along with the pasta meals are our tasty Snackwiches offered in various flavors: Ham and Bacon, Chunky Chicken and Spicy Tuna.

Rice Meals
In our aim to offer more choices, we also have the Burger Rice Bowl which can go well with either the Mushroom Steak Sauce or Bistek Tagalog Sauce for a truly filling and satisfying meal. Mister Donut is cooking up more meals to serve to our customers in the near future.

If there is one thing we have learned through the years, it is that without the help of our franchisees – our partners – we would not come this far. It is because of this relationship that we have built with them that people continue to invest in Mister Donut. It inspires us to make sure that everything the franchisees need on their end, they can provide for. Be it site selection, crew training, and even product development.

Mister Donut has recognized that it is through them that we are able to succeed. Instead of just focusing on sales (or the lack of) and demanding higher output, we rather see this as a joint venture. When things don’t look too well on the other end, we don’t hesitate to see what could be wrong and what we can do to help. It’s a relationship built more like a family than anything else. It’s the genuine caring, the genuine happiness for each of the franchisees’ success. It is not a secret formula, it is not a complex permutation. It is just plain old dedication to do good business and be good partners. What a wise investment indeed.

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