Smokes Sizzling & Grill

Smokes Sizzling & Grill Franchise Details

Franchise Fee : Php 400,000
Initial Term : 5 years
Capital requirement : Php 2.2 Million
Royalty : 4%
Space required : 70sqm minimum


About Us:

SMOKES SIZZLING AND GRILL has been in the industry for four (4) years without doing any marketing effort until now. The record proves the restaurant’s sustainability and profitability. Together with our delicious products and efficient service, we boast our brand identity.

The homey, traditional personality of the store picks no customer type. Also, the affordability makes customers come back frequently. In this, Smokes interconnects everyone in a happy and relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, making everyone feel that they belong.


To create a culture interconnecting everyone through good food.


To be one of the biggest food chains in the world.

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